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Hair Loss: Causes, Symptoms and Treatments

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Hair is an elongated thread-like structure composed of a protein referred to as Keratin. It is released from a pore within the skin, referred to as the hair follicle. Humans have approximately 1,00,000 hair follicles that produce the hair shaft, also known as the hair that we see. Hair shafts and hair follicles, as with every other part in our bodies, can be prone to be damaged, resulting in hair loss or fall in hair. Certain hair disorders can develop at any time and can cause extreme hair loss, and sometimes even hair loss. Telogen effluvium, androgenetic Alopecia and traction alopecia, anagen effluvium and alopecia areata can be a few of the most common hair loss issues you may face. Do not be concerned since the majority of these issues can be cured with proper treatment and advice by a professional hair specialists in Lucknow. If you want to prevent losing your hair out or restore the hair that has been lost you lost, then this is the guide to losing hair and other related issues.

What is Hair Shedding?

Losing 50 to 100 hair strands every daily is normal part of the growth cycle of hair. This is known as hair shedding and the reason for this is due to the normal process of growth. The growth of hair is divided into four phases –

  • Anagen Phase: The very first phase is the growth phase that is active in which hair is growing from the hair follicles. The duration of this phase is typically 4-7 years.
  • Catagen Phase – Following the anagen phase, comes the catagen phase. This is known as the regression phase, where hair follicles decrease and last for about a week.
  • Telogen Phase – During the telogen phase hair follicles become dormant and goes through the resting period of 3-5 months.
  • Exogen Phase Exogen Phase final phase of the hair-growing cycle, when hair strands are completely separated of the hair follicle and hair strands slowly begin to emerge. This is also known as the shedding or fall phase, in which the hairs of the past go away or shed. We can observe this when we wash or brush our hair.

After exogen, a brand new hair growth cycle starts, and hair is in an the anagen phase. In any given time, about 10-15 percent all your hairs may be in the normal shed, also known as telogen/exogen. This is around 50-100 hairs that may shed each day that can be seen on your towel, comb and even on the floor. It is part of the normal process and nothing to be concerned about.

What is Hair Loss?

Hair loss or Alopecia, on the other hand, is a different hair condition from hair shedding. You lose excessive hair from your head with no signs of regrowth in hair loss. The effects of hair loss can be permanent and are influenced by various external and internal factors. If you lose more than 125 hair strands, then you may have hair loss and a reason for concern. Hair loss does not stop until the cause behind it is treated. Therefore, understanding the cause and treating it on time becomes very important. There are many types of hair loss conditions caused by various factors; continue to know all these factors and ways to treat them. At this Stage it is important to consult a hair specialists in lucknow for related concerns.

What causes hair loss?

Hair loss due to disruption in the normal hair growth cycle can result in the loss of hair at any point in life. A variety of external and internal causes can disrupt the cycle and cause the excessive loss of hair. Certain causes can be reversed but others require medical treatment to stop the process. The most significant causes of hair loss are:

1. Hormonal changes and medical conditions

Hormones play an essential function in the proper function of our body. Certain hormones may stop the cycle of growth of hair and cause excessive loss of hair. Changes in hormones due to pregnancy and childbirth, thyroid disorders or menopausal symptoms are among the most typical causes of loss of hair. Alopecia areata is a autoimmune condition in which your body’s immune system targets the hair follicles and makes them go into a rest or dormant phase. This condition can cause permanent damage if not dealt with in time. Suggested by many hair specialists in lucknow to have proper care of your hair during this time.

2. Genetic Composition

Androgenetic Alopecia is a hair loss condition that may be passed down from grandparents or parents. The condition is generally referred to as male or female pattern hair loss. Women are able to notice a wider separation and thinning hair on their scalps’ top and men typically notice receding hairline and the formation of bald patches that are round in their top. The reason for this is by the over-action of DHT also known as dihydrotestosterone. DHT is an androgen hormone that is present in both female and male bodies. DHT adheres to the hair follicles, and causes it to shrink which causes hair loss and loss. The sensitivity of DHT is inherited and consequently, this kind of loss of hair is inherited through families.

3. Physical and Mental Stress

When your body is hit with trauma, whether physical or psychological, from childbirth, an accident or surgery, healing from a condition or an emotional event like losing a loved ones work, heartbreak, work or stress during exams hair begins to thin. The reason behind stress-related hair loss is because the body is forced to save the essential nutrients needed for functions, and the less vital function such as hair growth is affected.

4. Improper Lifestyle and Diet

Consuming too much zinc iron, protein, as well as other important nutrients, could result in loss of hair. Bad habits such as smoking or sleeping in late and not exercising can reduce blood flow to hair’s roots, resulting in loss of hair. Because of a lack of nutrition as well as a bad life style, hair gets dry, brittle and weaker, more susceptible to break easily. Suggested by many hair specialists in lucknow to have proper diet to maintain healthy hair.

5. Treatments and radiation

Many of the medications used to treat illnesses can result in the loss of hair as their adverse consequences. Chemotherapy, which is used to treat cancer as well as medications for acne depression, arthritis, blood pressure, gout etc can cause hair loss. Loss of hair due to medication and radiations is known as anagen effluvium because the growth phase is disrupted in this instance. Must be under the supervision of hair specialists in Lucknow to have proper and effective treatment for your hair.

6. Unskillful Haircare and frequent Styling

Unsuitable hair care, which involves harsh chemicals for hair, and often styling it with braids and pulling hair can result in the alopecia of traction. In this form hair loss, it is permanent because of hair pulling as well as the use of various products and heating. Traction alopecia can be seen among adults and teens due to an unhealthy regimen for hair care.

What are the Symptoms of Hair Loss?

The reason is the root of many hair loss signs given by various hair specialists in lucknow. Here are some hair loss signs that you will notice on your head.

1. Hair Part Extends

The most commonly observed hair loss in women symptoms you could notice is the broadening or widening of the hair’s portion. The hair begins to thin, then it falls in the crown area, which makes the hair’s part larger.

2. Receding Hairline

A receding forehead hairline is a typical hair loss in men. indication. Hair becomes thin and falls out, gradually receding down the hairline.

3. Spots of Bald that are circular or patchy

The appearance of bald patches in circular forms on the scalp expands in size as time passes. The patches are smooth and have hairs absent.

4. Rapid Extreme Fall of Hair

If you notice an unexpected increase in the normal fall of hair or excessive hair falling from the floor, comb or towel.

5. Redness and itching in the Scalp

The appearance of flakes, redness itching and painful bumps on the scalp can be a sign of scalp infections such as Folliculitis or ringworm, which are among the main causes of scalp hair loss.

6. Loosening of hair

The hair is loose and thin in the follicle. It comes out in large quantities when you comb or touch them.

What are Hair Loss Diagnostic Methods by Hair Specialists in Lucknow?

Some hair loss symptoms are visible, while some others are invisible. When you notice you suffer from hair loss, visit a hair specialist in Lucknow immediately. The doctor will perform the following tests to find the cause behind the hair condition to treat it effectively. 

  • Pull Test- The most basic diagnostic step that the doctor performs is the pull test. In this test, the doctor lightly pulls a bunch of hair to see how many come up – the pulled hair are then observed to identify the stage of the hair growth cycle.
  • Blood Test – Your dermatologist may advise a few blood tests to find out the underlying medical conditions that can cause hair loss.
  • Light Microscopy – Light microscope or tracheoscopy is an instrument used by the hair loss doctor to find the changes seen at root level or scalp level. 
  • Biopsy of the Scalp – In a biopsy, the doctor collects the root sample by plucking some hairs and taking a part of the skin. By observing the roots in the microscope, the doctor verifies if any underlying changes in the scalp or hair structure is causing hair loss.

When and Why to Visit a Hair Specialists in Lucknow?

Hair loss because of genetic composition and hormonal changes is not prevented, but it is possible to slow down. If you’ve tried every solution and taken all safety guidelines but you still suffering from hair loss and you are not sure what to do, seek out a qualified dermatologist who treats hair loss. It’s not too late to see an expert doctor, however, the earlier you go to see a doctor the sooner you’ll be able to save. The signs of hair loss should not be dismissed lightly.

Finding and treating the root of the problem is crucial to recovering from the loss of hair. If the root of the problem is ignored then the hair loss issue can cause permanent damage. A hair specialist in Lucknow who is an expert can help you determine the appropriate treatment and pinpoint the problem early. A hair loss hair specialists in Lucknow will conduct various tests to identify the issue and address the root of the issue to restore hair. The hair specialist understands the value of your hair and therefore puts a lot of effort into addressing the root of the problem and helping you restore your confidence. By following the most effective treatment recommendations you will be able to successfully restore the hair you lost back.

If you think you are suffering from a hair loss condition, book an appointment with Glimmer Clinic today. With advanced technology and modern medicine, our experts can help you save your hair and gain your confidence.

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